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Sunday, 26 March 2023
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Play With a $200 Free Bonus - CLICK HERE
Pyrons slot screenshot

Overall impression

Graphics - 85%
Gameplay - 79%
Bonuses - 89%
Value - 92%
Game Information
Name: Pyrons
Software: Yggdrasil Gaming
Game Type: Video slot
Paylines: 20
Progressive: No
reels: 5

Theme of The Game

Pyrons is a brand new game addition to the YGGDrasil collection of cool slots. You can find a fund of features and the payouts of the game are lofty. Play Pyrons slot and this way you can discover fantastic music and the special features such as, exploding symbols and increasing the multiplier.


How To Play It

Pyrons is arranged with20 pay lines that can get mobilized. A few great features that should be able to escalate your currency. While playing Pyrons slot, you can always encounter the Exploding Symbols and the accumulating multiplier. Amazing prize awaits the opportunity every time you spin those reels.


Special Features

The accumulating multipliers can increase your payouts exceptionally and the payout increases up to 2x and up to 20x. This game is available online and have a good time as Pyrons is the brand new game that spins out and the great payout releases. Jackpot bunos are also earned while spinning and is made up to 50,000 coins. Imagine yourself earning that and you can dream as big as you can.

Maximum Payouts

The maximum payout of this game is up to $34 dollars free plus 250% welcome bunos. That is a huge money from a slot machine. Pyron slot machine is played with luck and guts. Just keep spinning and wait for the timing for the exploding multipliers then you win.

The top prize is 2500 coins, which is for 5 of the golden stars. Potentially this could have a 20x multiplier, if it comes after several other wins.


Where Can You Play This Game?

You can play this game with real money in Vegas Paradise and Leo Vegas Casino as the top 2 sites to play this game. It is a game that gives no assurance and it has the lucky charm. If you win then good luck to you! If you lose your money, think about it, it is only a game. Would you risk your money for a game?


Vegas Paradise offers $200 bonus while Leo Vegas Casino has a $700 welcome package + 200 free spins! It is such a huge offer for a bunos. Well, you just have to spin hard and get the quick timing and earn in a one time slot so you get the prize of a lifetime. You are entertained by the color and the arrangement of the fruit icons and the prize is far enough to pay your luxury for this game. These two spot location for the game is recommended.


This game, compares to other games online, it is played and available over 2500 Free Online Slot Machines from the different online casino. It is a game with a twist. What makes Pyrons casino slot different from the others it that it actually does not have any reels to spin. Only the fruit icons drop down at any rate. If you are a first timer you can play free and start from there. If to rate which online gaming might be the best, Pyrons is one of them. It is unique and has a lot of options and offer. Fantastic features and sounds are enjoyed by the players of this game. It is just like any Tetris gameplay.


Play With a $200 Free Bonus - CLICK HERE T&C Apply 18+
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