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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Top 3 Skrill Casinos

Casinos Accepting Skrill

It is becoming more convenient to search for Skrill Casinos when intending to enjoy a game on the internet casinos. Although internet or online casinos have been around for quite some time, many people were finding it difficult to enjoy their earnings/winnings.

In fact, many were still opting to walk into a brick-and-mortar casino instead of playing online. Why? The simple reason was the difficulty in depositing and withdrawing funds.

Traditionally, a person simply carried cash or the credit card with him. However, with online casinos it wasn’t easy because of technicalities, high risk, poor internet connectivity, and also some financial institutions were not really supportive. Nonetheless, effective online payment options were soon developed with Skrill being among the most popular.

A Bit on Skrill

Skill is among the largest online payment platforms/ e-wallets or payment gateway. It is an e-commerce business or e-wallet that allows people withdraw as well as make payments online via the internet. Until August 2013, the payment gateway was known as Moneybookers but was acquired by CVC Capital Partners for €600 million. The e-commerce site was first registered on 17th June 2001 as moneybookers.com.

However, the company itself, Moneybookers Limited was incorporated on the 27th July 2001 in the United Kingdom. It didn’t immediately start offering the online payment services until 1st April 2002 where it launched its money payment services.

By the time 2 years had elapsed the company already had more than 2 million registered users. The company has changed hands severally but still retained its name, Moneybookers. In March 2007, Investcorp Technology Partners acquired the firm for €105 million.

And by 2008 it had presence in more than 200 countries with about 6 million accounts. Moneybookers changed its name to Skrill in August 2013 after acquisition by CVC Capital Partners for €600 million. Skrill is registered with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs as a Money Service Business. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and authorised to offer its services within the European Union. As of 2014, the compny had more than 700 employees and earned revenues of about $331 million.

How Reputable Is Skrill?

Skrill has established itself as among the top and most reputable e-commerce and online payment gateways in the world. In February 2010, Skrill (at that time Moneybookers) was ranked by The Sunday Times as the fastest growing privately-owned equity firm in regard to profits.

This led to its service being integrated with top global firms such as eBay, Skype, Facebook and many others. As of 2011, it had 120,000 merchant accounts with more than 25 million customers. The e-wallet links a customer’s account directly with that of a merchant. No credit cards are required.

Advantages of Skrill

Large Coverage: The online mode of payment is available in many counties all over the world. Finding Skrill Casinos is as easy as searching online and opening an account.

Versatile: The e-wallet accepts all major countries which include dollars, Euros, pounds, rand, Canadian dollars, New Zealand dollars and much more.

User-friendly: The payment platform is accessible by anyone as long as there is internet connectivity. No credit cards or card processing charges are involved.

Convenience: Skrill can easily be linked with different bank accounts allowing a user to deposit or withdraw money anytime and from anywhere.

Secure and fewer restrictions: In contrast to other internet payment gateways, Skrill doesn’t require a person to have a credit card. However, it comes with more security against breaches or disclosure it is also

Cost Effective: Skrill more affordable than most online payment gateways.

Disadvantages of Skrill

Not available everywhere: It isn’t available in every part of the world and limits the players that can use the online payment

Limited financial backing: Some banks are yet to fully incorporate it into their financial systems

Top Skrill Casinos

Not all online casinos accept Skrill. Nonetheless, there are quite a number that are well-known to offer the e-payment service. It is always important to go for reputable sites that process the payments first, have minimal restrictions, offer good online support, and provide a range of games.

Top Skrill casinos also offer incentives such as Free Spins, Welcome bonus and more. They do so to encourage new players as well as appreciate existing ones. Notable internet casinos that come to mind in regard to Skrill payments and withdrawals include Vegas Paradise, Leo Vegas and Jackpot Paradise. In addition to quick deposits and withdrawals playing the games in Skrill Casinos guarantees you of safety of funds.