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Thursday, 26 March 2020

Top uKash Casino Sites

uKash Casinos

ukash-logo-desktop-retinaThe evolution of casinos has led to the introduction of this service on the online platform which has proved to be effective in terms of the people that can access it. uKash has become one of the ways that money transactions are done when it comes to online casinos. Once you deposit money in the account provided herein, a code is issued which you can use every other time for money transactions.

This platform has led to the growth of uKash Casinos around the world and now you do not have to visit a casino physically for you to be able to play and earn some cash. This has been driven by popularity and convenience of access on tablets as well as smartphones. uKash is a convenient and secure way of transacting business that tries to minimize the risks that may be associated with such a venture.

uKash is owned by UK Financial Conduct Authority which carries the responsibility of regulating how the system operates. An individual is issued with a 19 digit code which is keyed in when carrying out a transaction and a new code is given when there is need depending on a particular transaction. You can do various transactions using the code which include online purchases, financial transfers as well as payments.

Money ceases to be something you carry around with you to the casinos which may make you prone to shortcomings that come with this including theft from eyes that may be preying on you. Being a public place, casinos attract different people and it is not easy to know who you could be crossing paths with at such a place.

Advantages of using uKash

Introduction of a MasterCard through Ukash Travel Money is the other advantage you are set to enjoy if you take part in these games. Using this card, you can make financial transactions anywhere around the globe as long as the card is acceptable wherever you are. They come in dollar and euro currencies and you can use any one of these depending on your preference.

For those who are traveling, it can be one of the safety measures you adopt for your finances just the same way you have electronic cards for use at the ATM to withdraw or deposit money. If you are visiting uKash Casinos you will also be able to use your card here for any particular transaction which is an added advantage for those visiting countries with such casinos.

Disadvantages of using uKash

Just like any other form of payment, uKash does not lack its fair share of challenges which you need to take note of for you to realize the benefits of using it. Fraudsters have improvised various ways they can use to obtain your code to siphon money from your account. There are cases where individuals have been asked to send the code on email with a promise of being rewarded with loans or other items.

Such fraudsters pose to be mindful of your security by asking you not to send such codes on phone in an effort to convince you to give in. Many have been conned in this manner and have lost quite some lump sum amounts of money as they tried to make more money. You need to beware of this and many other ways that may be used to rip you off your money including an infected computer that you could be using. Your code needs to be guarded as is the case of an ATM pin.

uKash Casinos Bonuses

Various uKash Casinos offer welcome bonuses for casino games and you can treat yourself to any one of these. Some of the top casinos that use uKash are Leo Vegas Casino, Vegas Paradise and Jackpot Paradise. Leo Vegas Casino is one of the mobile casinos while the other two online casinos are operated by ProgressPlay Limited and they offer the following bonuses;

  • Jackpot Paradise – 21 free spins for new players, 5 no deposit bonuses for new players and 10 free spins for existing players.
  • Vegas Paradise – 30 free spins without deposit for new players.
  • Leo Vegas Casino – 20 free spins with no deposit when you sign up.


Realizing a return on investment is appreciated by all who venture in online casino games and using a secure mode of carrying out transactions through uKash at uKash Casinos is a great idea. The only thing to note is that the safety of such a system is not 100% guaranteed hence, care needs to be exercised. The top casinos mentioned herein are a great choice for both new and existing players.